To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to wholeheartedly endorse and support the adoption application of my dear friends, Alicia and Keith. It is with great enthusiasm and confidence that I recommend them as prospective adoptive parents and cannot wait to welcome a little one into their family.

Alicia and I met over 15 years ago at work in the financial services industry in New York City. While we first got to know each other on a professional basis, it didn’t take long (maybe only a couple hours) to know that we were going to be fast friends. Alicia’s dedication and enthusiasm to everything she does became apparent quickly and I was not surprised when she introduced me to Keith, he had the same zest for life.

Alicia and I initially bonded over our shared love for the incredible experiences living in New York City had to offer. What has always amazed me about Alicia is her unique ability to make the ordinary extraordinary- from big things like milestone birthday and holiday celebrations, to the little things like a Friday night in doing puzzles. She has an uncanny talent for finding excitement and joy in everyday moments and will provide lifelong memories for her family and children.

Alicia and Keith’s journey to parenthood was a long-awaited and cherished dream; they recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Rowan, into their family through adoption. They share a profound love for each other and now for Rowan, who has brought immense joy and happiness into their lives. They have always been a source of support for one another, and I have already witnessed that bond grow stronger as they support Rowan as he grows and thrives in their loving home. Their passion for exploration and learning will undoubtedly enrich Rowan’s life by exposing him to diverse cultures, places, and perspectives.

Alicia and Keith have a deep desire to expand their family by welcoming another child into their lives as a sibling for Rowan. This decision demonstrates their commitment to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for their children and highlights their dedication to ensuring that Rowan grows up with a loving companion and support system.

I have no doubt that they will continue to be amazing parents and provide Rowan, as well as any future sibling, with all the love, support, and experiences they need to flourish and thrive, both at home and in the world.

Thank you for considering Alicia and Keith as adoptive parents. Rowan is fortunate to have found such a loving and dedicated family, and I am confident that they will provide him and any future siblings with an extraordinary upbringing.


I’m back! I am so honored to be writing a letter in support of Alicia and Keith to adopt yet another little bundle of joy. Their first little love, Rowan Quinn, has been the absolute BEST addition to our family. Watching Alicia and Keith instantly transform into the most caring, loving and committed parents has been a blessing to watch. My two daughters absolutely adore their new baby cousin and they would love to add another little special one into the mix to turn their cousin trio into a cousin squad.

Every time my three year old outgrows an item of her clothing or a pair of shoes, she always proudly announces “We can give this to Rowan Quinn!” It is so exciting to see the pure joy in her eyes as she thinks about sharing with her baby cousin. And don’t even get me started on the twinkle in my six year old’s eyes when she hears that she will be getting to see Rowan; absolutely precious! She loves him so much that she even forgets to ask for snacks or treats when she is holding him…now that is unheard of! When I asked her if she thinks Auntie and Uncle are great parents, she exclaimed “YES!” without delay.

The entire family first met Rowan when he was only a couple weeks old at my daughter’s third birthday party. I cannot help but smile when I think about how special that day was, for SO many reasons. Alicia and Keith had become brand new parents and in a time where there could be so much uncertainty, stress, and even fear of the future ahead they radiated with grace, joy, ease, and excitement. Seeing the pure joy on their faces that they finally had a baby to call their own after such a rollercoaster ride of disappointment and heartache was something I will never forget.

As we gathered as a family, we not only were celebrating a special birthday for my daughter, but we were also celebrating the miracle of life and love as we welcomed baby Rowan into our already strong, supportive, and nurturing family unit. I could not help but shed tears when I offered congratulatory words to the two new parents as they embarked on such a special and rewarding journey. What sounded so perfect and polished in my head came out in a jumble of tears, laughter and joy. I could not believe the moment had finally arrived for these two amazing people to create the life they had always dreamed of; a life full of love, encouragement, and support as they raise their beautiful son together. There is no greater joy.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to enthusiastically recommend my dear friends Alicia and Keith Gillespie, who are in the process of adopting a second child. I have known Alicia for over thirty years and Keith for over fifteen years. They are very caring and loving individuals with a goal of making the most out of life and providing a beautiful future for their current child and future children to come, their dedication to parenthood is truly exceptional.

Having successfully adopted their first child, Rowan, they have demonstrated a remarkable ability to provide a loving and nurturing environment. Their unwavering commitment to their child’s well-being and development is their priority.

Alicia and Keith’s passion and experience for parenting, combined with their genuine love for all children including their two nieces and my two children, make them an ideal choice for a second adoption. There is no doubt in my mind that they will provide the same level of love and care for their next child.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me. I wholeheartedly endorse Alicia and Keith as they embark on this wonderful journey of adopting a second child.


First off, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to delve into Alicia and Keith’s profile which clearly shows the outpouring of love they are just waiting to shower on a child. I have no doubt that your search has been extremely difficult in an effort to find the perfect parents for your loving child, but I can honestly tell you that you would have absolutely NO regrets in choosing this most special couple. STOP RIGHT HERE, you have found the couple that I promise you would make the MOST genuine, supportive, open and honest, and loving parents for your child.

In an effort to show you how special Alicia and Keith are, I asked my four year old daughter to answer some questions about “Auntie and Uncle”. NO editing required: True responses as spoken from a clearly “smitten” toddler.

What do you love about Auntie: I love her.
Why do you love Auntie?: Because I love her clothes.
What is the most fun thing you have done with Auntie?: Play with her
What do you play with her?: We made a gingerbread house and played in the snow. Where did Auntie and Uncle take you for a sleepover?: New Hampshire and they got me an air mattress to sleep on. They let me have fruit loops for breakfast!
What is your favorite thing about Uncle?: He makes silly noises and tickles me. Why do you love Uncle?: He took me to an arcade

As evidenced by these adorable responses, I think it is 100% clear to say that Alicia and Keith have been the absolute best Auntie and Uncle to my two daughters. When it came time to choose godparents for my children, there was absolutely no question in my mind that they were the right people to step into such a special role for both of my children. Their unwavering support, unconditional love, and positive guidance for both of my girls has shown through time and time again as they progress through the many stages of infancy, toddlerhood, and dare I say into more independent children. Both girls look at Auntie and Uncle as true role models in their lives. I am so blessed that my children have these two very special people to help them grow and flourish for many years to come.

Growing up, Alicia (being the older sister) consistently guided me in the right direction, offering support and a helping hand as needed, and just being there for a hug or a good cry during trying times. Being in her presence always made me feel safe and secure, like I always had a guardian angel looking over me. I have absolutely no doubt that her own children would feel this very same way about her, their mother.

When Alicia met Keith, I instantly knew he was the one for her. They balanced each other out so well; Alicia with her nurturing and helpful personality and Keith with his calm and balanced aura that surrounded him. One thing was for sure, in both cases FAMILY was at the forefront of importance in their lives. Both would drop anything at a moment’s notice to be there for those closest to them. All of these qualities combine to make a POWER couple that I have no doubt will strive to make every single day of their child’s life the absolute best possible day it could be.

I URGE you to please not look back in considering Alicia and Keith to adopt your child. You have the absolute best choice sitting right in front of you.

Thank you so much for your time and attention in searching for the absolute perfect parents to adopt your child. I appreciate it more than you know, and so does your child.

Warm Regards,

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express my unequivocal support of Alicia and Keith as prospective adoptive parents.

I first met Alicia in elementary school when we were five years old, where we shared the same interests in organized sports teams and were in the same Girl Scout troop. Throughout the years we have remained best friends. She has always been someone I look up to with high morals, and a positive outlook on life that never waivers. She is someone that can be relied upon, and I can always appreciate her thoughtful and kindhearted perspective.

I came to know Keith when Alicia and he began dating around 15 years ago. As soon as I met Keith it was apparent to myself and my Husband that he is an outstanding guy and shared similar values and a fun, adventurous outlook just like Alicia. We have had the pleasure of watching Alicia and Keith grow together as a couple. Both are considered “family” to not only myself, my Husband Josh and our 4-year-old son, but also to our extended family. Together, we have shared many special events and memories over the years. Both are very committed to their own Family as well and through the loss, hardship, and adversity they have faced, they still conquer life with a positive attitude.

Alicia is the Godmother to our son Joshua and watching the way her and Keith have interacted with him since the day he was born is very heartwarming. They have been very attentive towards him since he was an infant and have shown a genuine love for our little man that would make any parents heart happy. The way his eyes light up when they both come to visit is truly magic, and it is apparent that the joy is reciprocal. They are always very engaging with him and show utter patience when he wants to walk them through his room for the 500th time and show them his new books and toys.

Together as a couple they are just amazing! They treat each other with respect and have created a stable and secure life where they can provide a healthy and loving environment for a child.

It is my strong desire that Alicia and Keith be able to expand their Family through adoption. I could not think of two more deserving people to be granted this amazing opportunity.


To whom it may concern,

Kind and dependable. Honest and trustworthy. Loyal and resolute. Steady and faithful. Principled and unfailing. It’s almost impossible to fully document via nouns, verbs and adjectives a complete illustration as to why Keith and Alicia are such treasured friends to me and countless others.

I can selfishly and formally state authoring this letter of recommendation for both Keith and Alicia in consideration of their goal to open their lives and hearts to a young child is one of the largest privileges of my adult life.

In one of the many ‘lucky breaks’ in my life, I first met Alicia in 2007 when we were colleagues at a wealth management firm in New York City. Alicia’s consistent warmness as a person, side stitching sense of humor and notable work ethic made her a person impossible to not be immediately drawn to. Alicia never judges, is loyal to her family, friends and colleagues while at the same time growing her professional career to a level many would envy. Alicia has set an example as both a person and a professional I would urge my 4 young nieces to mimic- work hard, love your family and treat people well. Alicia and my friendship was immediate for these aforementioned reasons and is as strong and consistent today as it was fourteen years ago.

One of the greatest gifts Alicia has given me was introducing me to Keith almost 15 years ago. Although at times an overused phrase, I can unequivocally state this world would be a significantly calmer, kinder and a truly better place if there were more individuals like Keith. Kind, funny and empathetic, it’s not a surprise Keith has been with his employer for close to 20 years. Smart, driven but always available if you need him, my life is truly better for knowing Keith. Whether it’s sending me a ‘happy birthday’ text from the other side of the planet (while he and Alicia are off on one of their many adventures) or running into Keith on the sidewalk as we both walk to work in NYC, Keith’s consistency as a friend and a person sets him apart from most. A fiercely loyal husband, treasured friend and steadfast confidant, Keith sets the standard of what a great husband should be almost unattainably high. I eagerly await watching him and his beloved wife Alicia open their hearts, home and lives to a special and truly lucky new baby.

I submit this letter of recommendation for Keith and Alicia with love and in favor for their consideration within the adoption process as well as in anticipation of great things to come for both and a beautiful new baby.


To whom it may concern,
I have known Alicia and Keith Gillespie for almost 15 years. Alicia and I met at a Financial Women’s Association event when we were both active members and became close friends quickly. Alicia introduced me to Keith shortly after and we all stayed close through the years. We live few blocks away in downtown New York City, which allows for the three of us to meet regularly.

Through the years, I have been able to witness the strength of Alicia and Keith marriage and the support they provide to each other, particularly as they had to navigate dramatic personal events. Alicia is a loving, reliable, and fun person to be around. Keith is caring, humble and kind, and has a very calming presence. They complement each other very well and seem to be best friends as much as partners.

Having been on my own journey with adoption for many years, Alicia and I particularly bonded over our common desire to have children and the difficult path we both had to take. Despite the hurdles, I have never seen them questioning their willingness to build their family through adoption and I could observe how each time they relentlessly took that one next step to make it happen.

Alicia and I always joked (and hoped) that we may have our babies at the same time. And indeed, that was with the greatest of joy that we all welcomed little ones in our respective homes in 2023! They became parents to Rowan in May and I welcomed Eloise in June.

Becoming parents at the same time, we have spent a significant amount of time together, sharing our experiences, providing support to each other, and ensuring our children will grow close, particularly as they will have to navigate being adopted as they get older. Each time we are together, I can observe how loving they are to their son and how they are able to partner to ensure every of his needs is met. Rowan is a lovely little boy who smiles constantly, and everyone can tell how the three of them are one unit already.

Keith and Alicia are also particularly family oriented and I have known for many years their willingness to have multiple children. They like to surround themselves with other children and they make it a priority for Rowan to spend time with his cousins in Connecticut. I can also tell how much Alicia loves my daughter and always asks to hold her and take care of her.

I can attest that becoming parents only made Alicia and Keith stronger as a couple, and with their experience adopting Rowan and the support they have around them, including mine, I have no doubt that a child would find a loving and caring home in their family. I wholeheartedly give my recommendation of Alicia and Keith to adopt another child.


To whom it may concern,

My name is Concetta, and I am from North Haven, CT. I met Alicia in college as roommates. It was there that our friendship started, and we have been great friends ever since. I had the pleasure of meeting Keith when Alicia and I continued to be roommates but living in New York City (post college).

Alicia and Keith have been wonderful friends to me and to my family over the last 14 years. I had the pleasure of living with Alicia in our small apartment at college and then again in New York City and can speak first-hand to her genuine, loving character. She is always there when I needed her and her loving, nurturing energy is infectious. She has always made me smile and laugh when I have needed it most and this has extended to my family and my 7-year-old son. When I first had my son, Alicia and Keith have always shown such love and great kindness to him. They are patience and so sweet with him that he has always considered them to be his family (“Auntie Alicia and Uncle Keith”). I trust them completely with the care and wellbeing of my son. They are quick to play with him and I know that they would both be excellent parents. I have witnessed on countless occasions how loving they are with their nieces and other friends’ children.

I wholeheartedly know that Alicia and Keith would make wonderful parents due to their loving, responsible characteristics as people and as a couple. They truly deserve to be parents and any child would be lucky to have them in their life.