We hoped, and wished, and prayed, and hoped some more!! There was a lot of waiting, and heartbreak too….but we never gave up. If we had, we may never have met our whole heart and little love in May of 2023, Baby Rowan Quinn. To say we jumped through the moon is an understatement. We are so in awe of him every day.

Jumping for joy–Rowan has arrived!


Rowan’s Birth Momma gave us the biggest and best “gift” of our lifetime. The chance to become parents! We’ll never forget the moment she called to say she was going into labor, and 100% wanted us to be his parents. We made our way down to SC as quick as humanly possible, and the rest was history! We all named the Baby together….which made it even more special!

We think she’s the best momma in the whole world to her Kiddos, and know this decision was likely the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. We respect her so very much, and know she decided on Adoption because she truly believed this would be the best path for her precious baby to have a blessed life.

The 2 days we spent with her in the hospital were such an amazing opportunity to bond together with Baby Rowan. We stay in touch with pictures and updates regularly and consider her a part of Us. We can’t wait for Rowan to grow up being proud of his adoption story.

Chillin’ in Montauk


Why do I want a sibling?
It seems like mommy and daddy have sooo much love to go around! And I’d really love a playmate close to me in age! I’m big and strong, so I know I can be a good teacher and protector for my baby sis or bro. I also want a travel buddy for all the trips we will take.

Oh, and my Cousins, Auntie and Uncle, and Grandparents almost love me too much….so I think we need another babes to share with!!!

Favorite activity?
Playtime with Mommy and Daddy. I love anything that crinkles or fits in my mouth, including my toes!

Favorite pastime?
Checking out the sights and sounds of NYC. I especially love walking over the Brooklyn bridge to the awesome parks along the water. I can’t wait to ride the carousel!

Loving this nursery!

Why I love Home?

Mommy and daddy gave me the coolest nursery ever! Or at least I think so. And I love our house, especially our comfy cozy Cloud couch. We have lots of toys for me, and the view of the Brooklyn bridge is pretty cool. I really like watching the city from the sky. Seeing all the taxis, boats and planes keeps me busy for so long. And, it’s so cool having a huge private VIP play place including a playground, basketball and pickleball courts.

Flamingo towel fun!

Favorite People aside from Mommy & Daddy?

My two older cousins, Reese & Brynn. They love me sooo much. They bring me to the beach at their beach house and feed me and cuddle me. They’re always fighting over who gets to sit next to me in pictures!

Coolest helmet!

Best Memory?

Because I was kind of a surprise, I got to attend my baby shower thrown by Auntie. There were sooo many ladies who were all obsessed with me, it was pretty crazy. And I got the coolest stuff! Can’t wait to ride my new bike with my super cool helmet!

Mommy and Daddy are working on my passport! I can’t wait to see the world!


Favorite places visited?
Charleston, SC, close to where I was born. I got to hang out with Mommy and Daddy for an awesome trip while we waited to be cleared to go back to NYC. We had so much fun, we extended our trip, and then stopped to see the beach in NC, VA and DE on the way up north.

I also loved Newport, RI because we were on vacation there during my adoption hearing. It made it super special!

First local beach trip?
East Hampton, NY

First plane ride?
Rincon, PR

Frequent visitor at?
Cousin’s beach house in Old Saybrook, CT. I also love visiting our friends in NH.

Pool party!

Getting to know mommy…

…and daddy in SC & VA

Adoption Day in Newport!

Adoption Day in Newport!

Hamptons vibes

Beach=Good Life

Canoe riding in NH

Explorin’ the great outdoors


I just love seeing Rowan’s curiosity for life, and his pure joy during long walks around the city. It was super fun to be off from work with him for an entire month and explore so many of NYC’s beautiful parks together.

Float for 2 in Rincon, PR


I love that he loves splashing and swimming in the pool and sea. We had sooo much fun on vacation in Rincon, PR lounging together nonstop on our big float! I can’t wait until he grows into a little fish for our beach vacations!


My heart melts when I hear Keith race into the nursery at the first little peep from Babes. They are so cute as they spend the morning cuddling and giggling together. Rowan LOVES his daddy so very much, and his little face totally lights up every time he sees him!


I love it when she sings to Rowan and makes him giggle. She doesn’t know the words to most of the tunes, but she makes them up along the way. It’s super cute! She’s also the world’s best tickle monster.