We live in NYC. While the city can sound intimidating, it’s an amazing place to live and raise children.

We live in the Financial District. A huge milestone for us was purchasing our dream home in 2017. It was a huge renovation project, and it came out amazing! We have a ton of space and an extra bedroom ready to go for the new baby.

We have our own terrace overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. The kids who visit can’t get enough of looking out the window at the passing boats, airplanes, and yellow taxis. Our community has a huge protected courtyard for scooter and bike riding, and it’s very own playscape. There is a school right across the street. There are so many friends here waiting to be made.

Here in New York City, we can try a new playground, zoo, museum, festival, Broadway show, and restaurant every day until our baby turns 18! There is just sooo much to do and enjoy. We especially love visiting the Bronx Zoo and riding the two carousels.

Our Backyard

Christmas in Rockefeller Center

Coolest NYC Taxi!

Graffiti class in Brooklyn



We had the opportunity to work and make our own money growing up. Keith delivered newspapers with his Grandpa’s help, and later worked at a car wash. Alicia babysat for as long as she can remember and worked at a local pizzeria in high school.

We both studied Business and Economics in college and are both Financial Professionals in NYC. Our jobs afford us great flexibility. Alicia has unlimited vacation time and works from home often where she will be able to spend time with the baby. Keith’s hours allow him to be home every night to cook dinner.

Museum of Ice Cream in Soho

Silly String & Poppers for the Chinatown New Year

Halloween on Governor’s Island

IPIC movies in the Seaport

Sushi Tasting in NYC

Cheering on Friends at the NYC Marathon

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

NYC Pizza at Our Place