We consider ourselves the luckiest people to be surrounded by such AMAZING family and friends. They say it takes a village to raise a baby, and we certainly have one waiting.

“Auntie” got 2 funfetti cakes this year!

Uncle was hungry for a snack

We both grew up in the suburbs and enjoy visiting our families in Connecticut and New Jersey. There is always an event to celebrate! In our families, birthdays last a month and there can never be enough gifts on Christmas. We love watching our parents as Grandparents….and especially laughing as they spoil Rowan and our nieces and let them get away with just about anything.

Matching hats at the Big E

Alicia’s Godson introducing newborn baby Sis

Our “ugly” Christmas pajamas!

Mother’s Day Celebration with the whole fam- Mom’s proudly wearing their corsages!


CHRISTMAS EVE We all dress in “ugly” Christmas pajamas and enjoy the Italian Feast of the 7 Fishes. Our nieces help hand out the presents and we search for a Pickle ornament hidden in the tree. The winner gets a prize! Rowan cannot wait for his first Christmas this year!!

THE BIG E Every year our entire family goes to a huge fair called the Big E. We have fun tasting all the carnival food, watching the circus, visiting the petting zoo, and riding the rides.

MOTHER’S DAY We get all dolled up, go somewhere fancy, and celebrate the Moms. It’s extra special because everyone gets a corsage to wear. This year was Alicia’s first! We celebrated with Rowan in SC, and it was just perfect. Dad’s day is special. We grill and watch sports to celebrate. Keith was through the moon on his first Dad’s day this year!